As a Network Engineer I never planned to become a professional photographer. My interest for photography grew from an incessant thirst to explore the field of wedding photography. As you all know at the end of the wedding day, when the music stops and you’ve had your last drink, these photos and your video will be the only things you have left to carry on these memories.

I take this as a sincere responsibility to capture the essence drenched in love of two soulmates. A huge part about being a photographer is being visually inspired by everything at every moment the bride glowing with happiness, the tears at the corner of the dad’s face, the excited expressions of the groom trying to get a glimpse of the bride walking down the aisle, all those moments are precious and it is my job to visually capture those perfect moments at the right time. Photography is not just a profession, it’s the magical wand to color your love.

I always sit down with the couple and ask them to walk through every detail of the wedding day to understand the significance of the ceremony traditions and the role of each family member, to capture those moments without overlooking the details. From the moment, you walk through my doors, the magic begins. I will be with you every step of the day. This special bond with my clients is what inspires me to be involved in their wedding journey and fulfil their wishes of transforming those heart-warming moments of their wedding day into beautiful photos. So you still have doubts? Have a look at my photography portfolio, wedding and pre-shoot photographs in it will definitely clear your doubts. Please feel free to contact me anytime to get more detail. I would be more than happy to answer them.


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